I’ve recently noticed the amount of people who say they are hopeless as it pertains to studying and passing exams. As you will find so many opportunities for improvement now it appears a real shame if your limiting belief is holding you back. Steve’s story is an excellent example of this and how it doesn’t have to be that way.

When I first met Steve, he was extremely upbeat about all of his recent achievements, nevertheless when it came to a program he still hadn’t finished, you might hear the power draining away as he described your home study involved which included various assignments and a thesis 2022 jamb runz. He had set himself a 6 months deadline and had in fact got the assignments done, nevertheless the thesis was challenging he hadn’t had the opportunity to overcome and it had been stopping him finishing the course.

I asked him to tell me about other studying situations and how easy or difficult he’d found them. It transpired that when he was at school, his father had told him in no uncertain terms just what he expected Steve to achieve in his exams. The pressure Steve felt under led to him failing every one.

Years later he were able to pass various exams because he wanted to complete it for himself, but although he ultimately did well, he explained he always found them difficult, and had a belief he would always struggle with studying.

Talking through a strategy to get his thesis finished, he decided to write down his thoughts and feelings about his school days, and remember the successful results he’d had since leaving school.

He also decided to develop an affirmation to be repeated morning and night such as “I thrive on my learning achievements” to start changing his thoughts around studying, and then visualise his family and friends congratulating him on finishing his course.

Steve felt so inspired, he got his thesis finished within a week and felt a great sense of achievement. Once we analysed why it had been so hard to complete, he became aware that the real problem had been the very thought of spending all of that time at his PC, which had made him feel under some pressure, just like he’d felt when he was at school. Then he realised that passing the course was vital that you him and worth the time, but he’d to find methods for which makes it a more enjoyable process. With regular breaks and giving himself little rewards, he successfully completed his thesis and decided to go for another course, but now with the belief he could take action!