A Pogo Pin is a vital component in an electronic device. The fields of using Pogo Pins are very wide, including mobile phones, communications, automobiles, smart wear, drones, smart robots, aerospace, and other electronic products. The Pogo Pins can further improve these connectors’ corrosion resistance, stability, and durability. Therefore, the role of the Pogo Pin cannot be ignored.

The advantages of Pogo Pin

The spring thimble is conducive to improving the production process. The advent of the Pogo Pin has improved the assembly process of electronic products and the process of mass production.

The Pogo Pin is easy to maintain; for example, if an electronic component fails, the Pogo Pin can quickly replace the failed component.

The Pogo Pin is easy to upgrade, and the use of the Pogo Pin can improve the diversity and flexibility of the design.

Everyone can’t live without electricity in their daily life, and they can’t do without the Pogo Pin.

Points for attention when purchasing Pogo Pins

Pogo Pins can be energized or turned on. Most contact the copper wall through the Pogo Pin needle obliquely downward. The Pogo Pin spring bears a small amount, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve must be kept smooth. For example, the Pogo Pin factory is made of a non-beveled surface, but the bottom is flat. Most of the current need to be conducted through the spring, and the requirements for the spring will be very high. In addition, ensure that the signal current fluctuates when the current suddenly increases. Now follow Pogo Pin Supplier Pomagtor to understand the three points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing Pogo Pins.

The size of the Pogo Pin

The size of the Pogo Pin depends on the strength, current load, and shape of the design, and the cost of the Pogo Pin with a large diameter will also increase significantly. Usually, the standard Pogo Pin needle is 1.5, and the needle is 0.9, which is the most economical choice.

The height of the Pogo Pin

The working height determines the height of the Pogo Pin, that is, the height of the working compression and the accuracy of the matching parts installation. Usually, the compression stroke is about 70% of the total stroke, and the common working stroke is 1.0MM.

Pogo Pin current load

The current load requirements of the Pogo Pin are different, and the entire design parameters of the Pogo Pin should be changed and adjusted accordingly.