Water is the world’s most valuable resource and endeavor to conserve are of the highest precedence. Fresh water in rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, and in underground is vitally important in our life. As population is growing gradually, so the demand of the water commodity is also increasing. There are so many areas just like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and various cities of the world, where the rainfall occurs as minimum as possible but people are surviving there because they have planned module of saving every valuable drop of water. By considering those areas, the question arises in everyone’s mind that why won’t we save every drop of water by conserve it كشف تسريب المياه. There are so many reasons by which water is wasted unnecessarily like leaking of pipes, water is flowing in toilets, open shower in bathrooms etc. The most common reason is leakage of water due to bursting and old quality of pipes, that include inadequate corrosion protection, older main supply, Installation of pipes in a faulty way, poor quality of pipes that causes rust immediately, The suppliers of water are illiterate they not able to judge the excessive pressure of water so they supply water through narrow pipelines that causes bursting, ground movement due to extreme weather conditions, and excessive loads and vibration from road traffic. When leaks prevent water from reaching end consumers, utilities lose revenue and incur unnecessary costs.

According to the survey the world’s having limited supply of fresh drinking water that seriously requires careful management. Yet according to the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, prepared by Civil Engineers of the American Society, “Each day, 6 billion gallons of drinking and fresh water vanished, mostly due to old, leaky pipes that cannot able to serve to the population of California. The California Department of Water Resources estimates that about 81 billion gallons of water leaks from municipal systems in the state each year. ”

There so many techniques by which we can prevent water leakage or find a leak. Firstly we have to do this in the planned strategy. The various latest technology are 24-Hour Data Logging, Pipeline pressure Testing, Acoustic leak detection, Visual leak detection, computerized correlation technology, Routine municipal leak detection surveys.

In 24-Hour Data technology that is used during high time when silence is all there i. e. during night to analyze possible sounds coming from water leak in high population and traffic area Digital Correlating Data Loggers can be used for sensing water leaks sounds. The benefits of data loggers are that it operates overnight and they can able to detect the minute sound in high traffic areas. In Pipeline pressure testing, testing of the infrastructure of water transmission areas, the main objective of this technique is to detect the pressure of new hydraulic pipes that are fitted in areas where most probably water leak persists. In Acoustic leak detection technology by sensing the noise of leak in leaking prone areas.